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Botany is the scientific study of plants—how plants function, what they look like, more botanists earn a bachelor's degree and find careers in a wide variety of.

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Botany, also called plant science(s), plant biology or phytology, is the science of plant life and a. At each of these levels, a botanist may be concerned with the classification (taxonomy), phylogeny and evolution, structure (anatomy and.

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Why be a Botanist – Careers in Botany, Science Education and Outreach, There are few things more fulfilling than to work in a job that is both fun to do and a.

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Learn how to find schools and universities with strong programs for this major. Botany is the study of these powerful organisms in all their shapes and forms.

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Botany definition, the science of plants; the branch of biology that deals with. But you may say: "This is abolishing a great deal; you are getting rid of botany and.

Annals of Botany authors have the option to publish their paper under the Oxford Open initiative; whereby, for a charge, their paper will be made freely available.

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Plant life is all around us, making oxygen, becoming food, clothing, and. Students will learn more about what it means to be a botanist, and thus about botany.

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Also Available: For The Botany of Desire PBS television documentary Guide, Philosophy students will find a springboard for examining our species's place in.

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The history of botany examines the human effort to understand life on Earth by tracing the. A distinction can be made between botanical science in a pure sense, as the study of plants themselves, and botany as applied science, which studies.

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His herbal, unique in that it was the first treatment of medicinal plants to be illustrated, remained for about 15 centuries the last word on medical botany in Europe.

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What does a botanist do? As a botanist you. You need to be accurate and pay attention to detail, and have strong communication skills. You'll also need to.

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Discover how our team of botanists are utilizing botany resources at the Academy to protect plant diversity on Earth. The California Academy of Sciences' herbarium is the largest collection of vascular plants in the western. Get answers.

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Other field botanists search to find new species or do experiments to discover how plants grow under different conditions. Some botanists study the structure of.