Louis Pasteur Rabies Story

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One day, more than a hundred years ago, a French boy called Louis Pasteur. The mad wolf was suffering from a disease called rabies, and then common in.

On December 1, 1885, just six months after Louis Pasteur treated his first rabies patient, Joseph Meister, four boys from Newark, New Jersey, were bitten by a.

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Had Louis Pasteur been English, Lytton Strachey might well have been tempted to. And of course he became world-famous as the vanquisher of rabies, an age- old. One story has him dropping to all fours in a pasture to discover the humble.

28 Mar 2011. Four doses of rabies vaccine are enough to prevent infection in most kids exposed to the. STORY HIGHLIGHTS. For nearly a century after Louis Pasteur invented it in 1885, the rabies vaccine was made from ground-up.

On July 6, 1885, Louis Pasteur and his colleagues injected the first of 14 daily doses. The immunization was successful; and the Pasteur rabies immunization.